Technology revolution in the Aged Care sector

Clinical management in the Aged Care sector is currently undergoing a technology revolution with CareLynx, a modern, cloud-based management suite.

What is CareLynx?

CareLynx is a cloud-based clinical management suite that not only allows Nurses and Carers to easily record resident data and comply with new standards, but also provides the required reporting to Government. This is not just a piece of software, it is also a management framework where the software has been built to support the framework. This program has been designed over many years by a number of dedicated nurses and carers to ensure both resident health and compliance with the new standards.

In the past, technology has greatly improved access to information and the timeliness in which this information is seen by the people who need it. With many existing systems residing in-house and unable to be easily upgraded to comply with new standards and the ever-changing rules handed down by the Royal Commission, cloud-based clinical management software has come to play a much greater part in managing consumer information.

Why making the change to a cloud-based solution?

As technology starts to become a critical enabler for supporting Aged Care, there are many roadblocks the industry as a whole need to overcome. The levels of data growth of old-fashioned on-premise solutions that have been cobbled together over many years is one of the biggest problems facing the Aged Care Industry. Further to that, on-premises solutions mean integration with Allied Health providers becomes much more difficult to implement, requiring custom software developers at the expense of the Aged Care provider. These older systems often have low performance outcomes and are generally inflexible and expensive to both manage and maintain. Whereas, the alternative cloud-based solutions require no on-premise infrastructure apart from an Internet connection.

Moving forward, new cloud-based solutions like CareLynx will support Aged Care providers with more efficient processes, deeper patient insights and a more connected and personalised resident relationship. Most importantly, with a system like CareLynx in place, not only does the provider gain compliance benefits, but the associated benefits of our proven care framework.

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