From 1 July 2019, Aged Care will be assessed under the new Aged Care Quality Standards. The Standards have the potential to completely rewrite the way residential aged care is delivered. It is not a reshuffle of the way we do things now, but more so, a shift to a 'consumer experience' model which is completely transformative.


Who we are

Together, CareLynx and PwC form a unique team. The extensive Aged Care experience of CareLynx and the international consulting and auditing expertise of PwC is a combination well matched to current industry reform.

CareLynx brings a depth of understanding and practical experience from over 30 years in the industry. This, coupled with PwC’s cutting-edge approach to organisational transformation, will support you to seamlessly transition to the new Aged Care Quality Standards.

Our unique approach

CareLynx clinicians, experienced advisors, and industry professionals, and the auditing expertise of PwC, complete a comprehensive review of your readiness for accreditation of the new Aged Care Quality Standards (ACQS).

We interview and assess residents, management, and staff as part of our review, providing a holistic and authentic review experience.

We provide you with a comprehensive plan to support you to transform your service.


The process

Our Transition Support service will provide a gap analysis against all eight standards, identifying any areas of concern for your organisation. Our detailed Transition Support Plan provides you with real and practical recommendations that are tailored for your facility.

On site visit:

  • Interview and assess
  • Work with key personnel: educating, mentoring, and guiding
  • 2 x ACQS Masterclasses for key personnel and general staff
  • After hours visit


  • Unique operational Accreditation Readiness report & plan with identified concerns and practical recommended actions and solutions
  • Risk profile against the new standards

Free tools to assist transition:

  • Up-to-date Legislative Table relevant to Aged Care at State & Federal levels
  • The CareLynx Companion to assist ACQS education & awareness
  • CareLynx Clinical Audits specific to ACQS in 3 key areas of concern

Single Quality Framework


Expected outcomes

Our approach will facilitate a range of benefits for your facility, residents, and staff, and ensure your organisation is confident and ready for the unannounced accreditation.

As part of the report, our tailored heat map will identify potential areas of non-compliance against four key areas of risk, including communication, engagement, quality of life, and staff skills.

To enable continued improvement post review, we will ensure your key personnel are involved in all aspects of the process.

Additionally, our optional 6-month review will reassess your organisation to recommend any further actions to instil continuous improvement.

Excellence in continuous improvement and systems management will not be enough. As a provider, you will need to embed choice, quality care, and customer service across your organisation, for every resident, every day, to ensure quality, individual outcomes for all consumers.

If you want to be ahead of the game with the new quality changes, significantly reduce the risk of non-compliance, and be ready for an unannounced visit, enlist our unique team for your facility today.