Demand for care services is increasing, especially as Australia’s population ages. There is also an evolution in the care industry with new trends gathering momentum such as Hospital in the Home.

CareLynx has been developed to manage clinical care across a number of industries, not just aged care facilities. The features and benefits of the system can be realised in any program where case management or clinical oversight is provided.

The standard features of CareLynx can be found on the services page and the industry solutions below outline the specific customisation undertaken to ensure great results were achieved.


CareLynx Software

Clinical management and monitoring software for Residential Aged Care. This residential solution was born from providing nurse advisor and agency support to sanctioned services.

Accreditation Readiness Review

From 1 July 2019, Aged Care will be assessed under the new Aged Care Quality Standards (ACQS). We provide you with a prioritised set of actions to support you as you transform into a new era of Aged Care.

Transition to New Quality Standards

Our Transition Support service will provide an analysis against all standards, identifying any areas of concern and providing you with practical recommendations tailored for your facility.