The new Single Quality Framework (SQF) has been developed to enable and support for those in any aged care setting to choose the life they want to live, be involved in the delivery of care and services they receive, and to know that the people assisting them in their goals are capable and caring and well trained with skills which are relevant.

The success of SQF implementation and continuance can be realised by a robust and comprehensive lifestyle program.

The SQF is resolutely consumer experience focussed, so being able to provide a leisure and lifestyle program that is individualised and consumer relevant, and not just a recurring suite of general activities, is going to be vital for all residential aged care facilities if they want to stay on top of the game.

What can you expect from a CareLynx Lifestyle Program?

Individual Resident Needs

Initial assessments of each resident’s social, cultural, and spiritual needs, and an activity therapy assessment, are conducted by CareLynx Diversional Therapy staff in conjunction with lifestyle staff on site.

Have a Yarn Program

The “Have a Yarn” form captures resident feedback for choices, compliments and complaints, service improvement ideas, and their preferred leisure interests and activities. Collaborative planning and individual goal setting is undertaken to develop a resident’s individual care plan, feeding into the monthly resident lifestyle program for the facility.

Additionally, a review of a resident’s lifestyle wishes is completed once a month and family and all staff are invited to contribute to this. The “Have a Yarn” program has generally been enthusiastically embraced by staff as they find they have a better understanding of the holistic care of each resident and are contributors to improved outcomes.


Weekly catch-up meetings are conducted with key personnel of the facility to discuss resident wellbeing status. CareLynx Diversional Therapy staff will support the staff to assess and deliver appropriate lifestyle activities for the residents. This is conducted on site initially, then via teleconference at a suitably negotiated time.

Resident Lifestyle Program

This set includes documents and processes, and a program designed to encompass the needs of the residents at the service. We will implement strategies to assess the social, emotional, cultural and spiritual needs of each resident and design a culturally appropriate program to assist each resident to maintain their lifestyle wishes and relationships with their families and communities.


CareLynx strive to forge long-term supportive relationships and we pride ourselves on our ability to bring appropriate support and resources before, during, and after our initial project. Our Diversional Therapy staff provide education relative to the staff needs and identified issues relating to care recipient lifestyle.