We work with aged care providers to help solve the complex challenges of Aged Care that organisations and services are facing. We work on diverse projects, from the development of innovative strategies to on-the-floor delivery.

Our objective

  • To provide expert advice and insight in areas of concern
  • For your service to embed quality beyond compliance across all standards
  • To make sure your quality of services is meeting the transforming industry of Aged Care
  • To help and guide services with real and practical recommendations

How do we do this

CareLynx has a defined methodology to help review your area of concern which will be applied predominantly onsite by experts in the relevant area. We work with you to build capacity and knowledge in the review areas and continually work with you to have effective and practical recommendations.

The outcome

CareLynx produce specific recommendations to your service that meets best practice and builds in sustainability for systems and processes. The detailed report with our findings and recommendations identify critical insights of what’s working well, areas of concern and areas of non-compliance.

Consultancy service packages and scope


Clinical Risk

  • Clinical Operations
  • Clinical Systems and Processes
  • Clinical Practice
  • Clinical Compliance
  • Clinical Governance
  • Clinical Education

Quality and Continuous Improvement

  • Audit Process and Management
  • Continuous Improvement Framework
  • Feedback Management and Process
  • Quality Activities

Regulatory Compliance

  • Risk Management
  • Incident Management
  • Complaints Management
  • WHS
  • Fire Safety
  • Food Safety
  • Training and education
  • Equipment Risk
  • Preventative & Corrective Maintenance

Organisational Support

  • Organisational structure
  • Staffing models
  • Models of Care Delivery

Resident Satisfaction

  • Lifestyle Operations
  • Lifestyle Systems and Processes
  • Lifestyle Practice
  • Lifestyle Education
  • Lifestyle Compliance

Organisational Development

  • Community Engagement
  • Strategic Planning
  • Operational Planning

We also offer bespoke consultancy to meet the individual needs of services and organisations.