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OT for NDIS,OT disability assessment,NDIS assessment
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OT for NDIS,OT disability assessment,NDIS assessment

Person-centred support for people with a disability

When you’re applying for funding through the NDIS, CareLynx can support you to ensure you receive the best possible outcome.

Our caring team will work alongside you, your support coordinator, and your loved ones to determine the level of support you’ll need for your lifestyle and goals. 

OT-led disability assessments

Our assessment services are led by an experienced occupational therapist (OT), with support from our clinical nurses and allied health assistants.

Assessments are a core skill for OTs, where they work with you to determine how you perform everyday tasks and any support needed to live your life more independently. 

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Reports tailored to you

Our experience working within the NDIS system means we understand how to provide reports that help participants access essential supports as easily as possible. We work as a team to create assessments that translate to care and service plans tailored to your requirements and lifestyle. 

Partnerships built on trust

At CareLynx, we think of your support as a team effort. Think of us as another partner in your support team, along with your support coordinator, family and friends. We’ll work hard to ensure our partnership remains constructive and helpful and that you continue to receive the best person-centred care. 

OT for NDIS,OT disability assessment,NDIS assessment
OT for NDIS,OT disability assessment,NDIS assessment

Learn about our OT assessments for NDIS

If you need an assessment or would like to learn more about our support services, please contact the friendly CareLynx team.