When necessity became the mother of invention for revolutionising the Aged Care Industry


As the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety continues in Cairns and Townsville this month, two Clinical Nurses (each with over 20 years’ experience in Aged Care), knew that a change to the Aged Care framework was necessary to ensure residents received the best possible
care, no matter who they were and where they were located. Together the nurses formed the basis of CareLynx.

CareLynx has now evolved to become the solution to the care issues faced by the industry. It is a new dawn of clinical care support, providing a cloud-based and mobile clinical monitoring and management care platform that seamlessly connects care recipients and their providers.

The company has recently added a series of additional features to its existing ‘Clinical Champion’ model, which enables clinical nurses to view resident information and work with onsite staff to monitor and manage aged care residents’ needs. The new, mobile enabled, interactive and intuitive platform is set to revolutionise aged care.

The CareLynx system includes over 300 built-in, electronic, Care Pathways or ‘Nursing 101’ profiles that ensure that all staff (no matter what their level of medical training) can manage care in a consistent way and with absolute accountability. The technology can be applied to other health related industries including community and disability support services.

The new CareLynx system is currently in use in a trial program as commissioned by the Federal Department of Health in remote communities across Northern Australia, Western Australia, and Northern Queensland.

CEO of CareLynx Mr Mike Wallas said that the Aged Care sector was facing its greatest challenge in decades and his company forms part of the solution.

“For the past 20 years the industry has been regulated by four standards with 44 prescriptive outcome measures. The Government’s new legislative framework which came into effect on July 1, 2019 demonstrates that the old standards are simply a baseline, and more must be done, Mike said.

“The horror stories that are emerging from the Royal Commission prove that the aged care industry is in a time of crisis and in dire need of radical change.”

“While the Commission and the new legislative standards are raising consumer expectations for the better, we are seeing aged care providers struggling to keep up with the cultural shift.”

“When combined with rising costs and critical shortages of skilled staff, it’s resident care which is suffering. The conditions have also resulted in a greater level of non-compliance to the old standards, at a time when the industry is trying to improve standards of care.”

Mr Wallas said that while the Royal Commission’s recommendations were welcome, there was a danger that the industry lacked tools and systems to support them.

“That’s where CareLynx comes into its own. We believe it’s currently the only care management system on the market that is underpinned with the foundations that align entirely with the government’s reform recommendations for aged care.”

“It links clinical and care information and human behaviour in a logical and structured way that is resident-centric as well as educating, supporting and genuinely engaging the aged care workforce in best practice care daily. It also means there is no capacity to revert to old ways or habits.”

Mr Wallas said his company’s software was providing a massive disruption to the industry.

“Over 55% of Aged Care providers in Australia are not-for-profit. There are currently over 27 facilities under sanction and we expect to see many more in the future.

“As each facility must comply to the new standards and further recommendations of the Royal Commission, boards will need to lift their game and better understand the risk to residents’ care, their facility’s reputation and the bottom line in cases of non-compliance.

“Our program makes compliance easy by providing access to world-class processes and audit trails while supporting workload management, care governance and viability for providers.

“We see it as a real opportunity to change the face of aged care services and provide a model of care that Australia can be proud of.”

CareLynx is currently operating in several facilities across Australia that are reaping the benefits of the company’s innovation and are switching to the new care model.

The company is seeking investment partners to further expand nationally and internationally.

– Residential Aged facilities generates over 82% ($14.8billion) of total revenue for the sector (2016).
– This market comprises almost 210,000 residential aged care beds across 886 different providers.
– CareLynx delivers robust, reliable and auditable clinical systems. It engages staff at all levels to be proactively responsible for individual resident wellbeing. The platform has clinical resources and pathways embedded in the application which continually develops staff knowledge and creates clinical leaders. Unlike other systems, CareLynx pathways proactively direct staff to best practice care delivery and the Clinical Champion platform monitors residents’ wellbeing and ensures staff implement care directives.


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