It’s time for change.

For 30 years we’ve managed large aged care facilities across the country. For years we supported our care staff through the mental and physical demands of the work, the long hours and pressure to ensure everything is documented properly for compliance.

We wanted this to change.

CareLynx is our way of doing just that.

We created a digital solution that takes the stress out of documentation – minimising risks, increasing staff efficiency and job satisfaction – and improving the overall quality of care.

Get in touch with the team to find out how they can help you, too.

The expertise behind CareLynx

Sue Boisen

Sue Boisen

Executive Director

Sue has 20+ years experience in the care industry. Her background in care governance systems, international exposure to best practice health, care models and business management has been a key contribution to the ongoing success of CareLynx.

Maureen Fields

Maureen Fields

Executive Care Director

Maureen is the award-winning founder of CareLynx and a life-long advocate for best practice in aged and disability care. With her extensive experience in Aged Care and her clinical and practical knowledge of the needs of people with disabilities, she shaped CareLynx into the most comprehensive solution in Australia.

Mike Wallas


Mike is an experienced business growth strategist and specialist with a track record spanning 30 years of building and managing high-performing and scalable businesses. Over this time, he has developed a keen eye for fast-growing value adding businesses that make a difference to both the industry and the community.

Lauren Coad

General Manager – Corporate Services

Lauren is a young leader in the Aged Care sector with a clinical background as a Registered Nurse and Post Graduate qualifications in Leadership and Management. She’s passionate about simplifying the Aged Care Sector to have practical and real strategies that improve quality outcomes for residents, family and staff.

Sue Holton-Brown

Senior Clinical Advisor/Implementation Partner

Sue has 30 years of Clinical Nursing and Management experience. She has held multiple hospital supervisory roles and senior positions in residential aged care across four states. Sue is committed to providing exceptional aged care services through the delivery of person-centred care based on best practice principles.

Kelly Duggan

Clinical Nurse Consultant

Kelly has more than 15 years of Occupational Health, Nursing and Management experience. She has held management roles in Clinical Nursing, Quality, Safety, Risk and Compliance in both Hospital and Aged Care environments. Kelly is a dedicated Aged Care professional who believes that combining quality care, resident safety, risk management and health care data can make a positive impact on the delivery of care to those in need.