CareLynx was created out of a desire to do things better

Our background in managing aged care facilities created our deep understanding of the pressures management face daily.

The CareLynx solution was created from providing nurse advisor and agency support to sanctioned services so our aim has always been to improve the quality of care, reduce risks, increase resident satisfaction, increase the efficiency of staff, control the use of resources and support services to be sustainable. We needed a System to do this.

After 5 years of using our program in-house we knew we had a great solution. From here the question was “if it works so well for us, can others benefit from it?”. The answer was YES! CareLynx proceeded to create a cloud based platform that would deliver the benefits for 1 resident or 10,000 depending on client’s requirements.

CareLynx has used the system on over 1,500 residents and has been so effective we have entered new markets where it can provide increased quality of care and reduce the costs of doing so. To find out more on the industries we operate in or details on the solutions, click on a link below:


Our inbuilt clinical systems and pathways are an evolution for care management and governance in Aged Care facilities. In effect, we created a system that integrated clinical pathways to support and monitor staff to proactively deliver evidence based best practice clinical care to residents.







The expertise behind the evolution of care

CareLynx was not developed by an IT company, it was developed by registered nurses that specialised in the aged care industry.

aged care facility management.

Sue Boisen

Chief Executive Officer
Sue has over 20 years experience in the care industry. Her background in care governance systems, international exposure to best practice health, care models and business management has been a key contribution to the ongoing success of CareLynx.
Maureen Fields Bio Photo

Maureen Fields

Chief Care Director
Maureen is the award-winning founder of CareLynx and a life-long advocate for best practice in aged and disability care. Drawing on her extensive experience working as a nurse and manager in Aged Care and her clinical and practical knowledge of the needs of people with disabilities, she shaped CareLynx into the most comprehensive solution in Australia.
Mike Wallas

Mike Wallas

Executive Chairman
Mike is an experienced business growth strategist and specialist with a track record spanning 30 years of building and managing high-performing and scalable businesses. Over this time, he has developed a keen eye for fast-growing value adding businesses that make a difference to both the industry and the community.

Lauren Coad

General Manager – Corporate Services
Lauren is a young leader in the Aged Care sector with a clinical background as a Registered Nurse and Post Graduate qualifications in Leadership and Management. With a diverse and extensive background in Residential Care, Lauren started as a Personal Carer and progressed her way to Senior Management roles where she has worked in various locations from the remote Torres Strait to inner city Sydney. She’s passionate about simplifying the Aged Care Sector to have practical and real strategies that improve quality outcomes for residents, family and staff.

Following sanctions on the facility, CareLynx stepped in and led a revolution of resident and staff engagement to explain, implement and monitor sustainable operational and clinical management systems. With a team of aged care experts, they provided much needed training and mentoring for staff in all departments, recruited skilled Registered Nurses to provide specialised nursing care, and reviewed and improved catering, laundry and maintenance departments. After 6 months, the Accreditation survey by the Aged Care Quality Agency gained the facility 44 out of 44 outcomes met and we could not have achieved this without the leadership and team from CareLynx.

Chairperson - Executive Committee


The CareLynx team have had a dramatic impact on the running of the home for all the right reasons. The Care Systems implemented have given our clinical team clear direction and best practice care. The weekly action plans and monitoring gives me confidence with my team and reporting is thorough, concise and easy to use. Monthly clinical reports let me know the residents’ needs and that these are actions by the clinical team, a simple closed loop of care. The team, from the top down, have always been approachable and professional. They work with you to get the best outcomes for your residents.

Service Manager